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Project Graduation (PG) is an after-graduation event for the graduating seniors. It was created in an effort to give the students an alternative to going to parties where drugs and alcohol may be available. During the graduation season, the percentage of adolescents ages 16-19 who are killed in automobile
accidents where alcohol is implicated, jumps from 33 percent to 40 percent.

PG is held on May 25 at Main Event in Frisco, 11:45pm to 5:00am on Sunday, where the
seniors have unlimited access to all the activities, games and food. There are drawings
throughout the evening where seniors will have an opportunity to win prizes such as laptops,
tv’s, gift cards, and much more. Each student must also have a completed parent consent and
student waiver on file. Tickets for the event are $100.

This event is completely self-supporting as no funds come from the school district budget. It it
only through the generosity of parents, townspeople, and the sponsorship of local businesses
and organizations that we are able to continue hosting PG. The goal this year is to raise
$85,000 for the event. All monetary donations will be used to provide the venue, entertainment,
food, and door prizes for our seniors to help them enter the next phase of their lives.
Anyone can support PG and help make it a night the Class of 2019 will remember! And since
PG is classified as a non-profit, or 501c3, donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent as
allowed by law.





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